Frequently asked questions

Contact me using any of the methods on this website. I’ll make sure that once you’ve decided on your package, you get a proper booking form in the post to keep. Once you have the booking form, sign and return a copy and pay the deposit and that’s your event fully booked.

That really rather depends on the size of the venue, the equipment required and your selection of add-ons.  A small evening-only disco can be set up in around 30 minutes, whilst an illuminated dancefloor will take that amount of time on its own to assemble.  I normally try and find a point in the day where I would have around 90 minutes to setup.  That way I can test and soundcheck without getting in the way of staff and guests at your venue.

Yes – When you book your event, I’ll send you a login to the client area of my website. In there, you’ll be able to make as many (or as few) requests as you like. You have up to 5 days before your event to finish this form, and that gives me enough time to ensure I have all your requests ready for the event.

Of course – I will give you the details to send out to your guests and they will be able to use the client area of the website to request music the same way you can.

No.  I have 30 years experience DJing at all sorts of parties and will happily DJ at Corporate Events, Engagements, Christmas & New Year Parties, Birthdays and any other event requiring great music with a personal touch.  If you want me at your event – just get in touch and tell me about it.

Short answer is probably not. I can’t invite you to someone else’s wedding celebration, and I’m sure you wouldn’t expect me to invite other potential customers to yours either. That said, although I specialise in weddings, I have been known to get bookings in pubs and at other more public events so if you did ask and I had such an event coming up, I would tell you where and when. At a wedding itself though, definitely not.

PLI is Public Liability Insurance. It basically covers the venue and your guests against damage or injury caused accidentally. I carry a £10 million PLI policy and will supply the policy details to you or the venue if required.

The preferred method is via Bank Transfer.

You can also pay by Cash (in person only), Cheque or by Credit/Debit card using PayPal.

Please note, there is a small charge when using PayPal to cover the processing fees they charge.

As a member of the National Association of DJs (NADJ), I have the support of a large network of professional DJs from the local area and all around the country. They would make every attempt to cover any booking where one of their DJs was taken unexpectedly ill.