Wedding Disco at Pishill 2016

Another fantastic evening at The Crown Inn at Pishill, this time for the Wedding Reception of Leo & Becky.

Like most weddings, everything was running a little late, but with the easy access to the venue through the stage hatch, I was soon up and running. The Bride & Groom had chosen a wonderful track for their first dance together – Bookshelves by Jess Hall (Which I have to admit, I’d not heard of before this wedding), and the lyrics fitted the occasion perfectly. The assembled friends and family made an absolute ton of noise, clapping and cheering to welcome them onto the dance floor. Becky & Leo had definitely been practicing and danced around the floor to assorted whoops and cheers, before inviting the rest of the crowd to join them.

As always, I’d invited the Bride and Groom to put together a list of “Must play” tunes, as well as a second list of any “Play if possible” tracks. I find these lists allow me a little insight into the musical tastes of the wedding party to begin to plan the evening’s music. They’d also asked if their invited guests could contribute, so an online list was set up to allow this as well.

From the end of that first track, I had a full dancefloor for the entire evening. Nothing stopped them wanting to party. We went through dozens of genres of music that night – from current chart to rock ‘n’ roll, Motown, 80s Divas and even some music from well-known musicals (such as the Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture Show). The crowd that night was truly up for anything.

At the end of the evening, a very happy pair of newlyweds were in the middle of the dancefloor, with their friends & family in a circle around them, singing and clapping along with the last dance.

I’d like to once more congratulate the new Mr & Mrs Prince, and I hope they’re having a wonderful time on their honeymoon. I’d also like to thank the entire crowd that night for demonstrating such a wonderful amount of support and love for Leo & Becky.



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